Eyelid Reports


Alex McNamee and Ode de Kort (above) are two of the artists included in a collaborative publication Eyelid Reports, which was produced by the participants of the Artist’s Research Laboratory in Como, Italy last summer at the Fondazione Antonio Ratti. In this publication, released by Mousse (Milan) at Frieze London 2014, I have three short prose works, including “Had the Nightingale Not Arrived,” an imagined evening in John Keats’ bedroom where the object of his desire never does swim into his ken.

The Crescent Phases

A collaboration with Ecuadorian artist, Oscar Santillon, on his video “The Crescent Phases” featuring a string of music performances/reiterations of a bird song. I composed a piece which drew solely on the performances that appear in the video to create an overture that plays at the beginning of the video.

This project screened for the first time at VIDEO ART Alternatif festival at the Lumiere Cinema in Maastricht, Netherlands.

Sing, O Tongue, of Mystery

Sing, O Tongue, of Mystery (Installation) from Neven Lochhead on Vimeo.

As part of the month-long residency/workshop at the Fondazione Antonio Ratti in Como, Italy, the participants assembled a brief two-day group show called “Corso Aperto”, with each artist showing one work at the Villa Grumello. “Sing, O Tongue, of Mystery” is a three-channel video installation which was shot in Tuscany. The work plays with an orchestration of synchronisation and dissonance through a hand-held video tracing strategy.

tn754_Corso Aperto piantina754

XX CSAV: Artists Research Laboratory with Tacita Dean

Fondazione Antonio Ratti

In July 2014 I will be taking part in a month long residency with 14 other artists from around the world: Johann Arens (Germany), Maya Dikstein (Brazil), Shadi Harouni (Iran), Ode de Kort (Belgium), Alex McNamee (England), Alice Miceli (Brazil), Johan Österholm (Sweden), Oscar Santillan (Ecuador), Manuel Scano (Italy), Gonçalo Sena (Portugal), Linn Skaghammar (Sweden), Diego Thielemans (Belgium), Massimo Vaschetto (Italy) and Venturi-Vaslijević (Italy).

Tacita Dean, the invited artist, invites the participants to re-find what the Swiss writer Robert Walser named ‘sluggardising’ – interpreted by Dean as the ability to work while appearing to be doing nothing, most often when lying down.

Find more information about the residency here.